I hope you all are enjoying the new A.Sharp Productions website.  Thank you to Myisha at Springcartdesignlab.com for doing an amazing design – you are a talented woman and I thank you for everything.

Well there are many things I’m excited about this year.  First, the relaunch of the website (soon you’ll be able to watch Don’t Go and Triple Minority)…stay posted!  I’m also working with my best friend the talented writer/director now producer Danielle Porter on my new project, The Landlord.  I can’t wait to get this one to the screen because I feel there are a lot of storylines many of us can relate to and there’s amazing talent attached.   This is going to be good:)

Mainly, I’m excited to keep my dream alive of being a filmmaker.  It’s been an amazing journey thus far and I’m blessed to have the opportunity to have 2 projects under my belt (thank you to the individuals that believed and made it possible).  My theme this year is to keep dreaming and make these dreams come true.  So with that said.  Enjoy the new site and stay posted…more is coming:)

Take care everyone.